TruckerBux vs. Comdata

Why Truckerbux Over Comdata?

Truckerbux understands you want a quick and easy way to handle breakdowns so you can get back on the road fast.

Don’t Be Left Stranded

When things go wrong on the road, you need a service that’s easy to use, straightforward, and helpful whenever and wherever you need it to be. Having a service that’s clunky and inefficient bogs down progress—and keeps your truck idle on the shoulder. When you need quick and speedy truck repair, services like Comdata come up short. The last thing you need is a list of services that are not immediately on hand, and not immediately in demand.

We Offer One-Stop Repair Solutions

On-Demand Support

Drivers already deal with a lot on the road, but why should searching Google for a service shop be one of those things? Truckerbux takes the process of searching for a service provider and streamlines it into one easy-to-access place, the Truckerbux app.

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No-Hassle Payment

Payment shouldn’t be complicated. Truckerbux makes sure it isn’t with our simple, secure payment method. You can even pay with your choice of credit card or secure ACH transfer conveniently in app.

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Quick Repairs

As an all-in-one app, Truckerbux links drivers up with repairs in record time. We offer a large network of expert service providers, to get trucks up and running fast.

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Truckerbux Helps Your Rig Get Fixed

Comdata, and other services like it, are stuffed full of over-the-top features that slow you down and make their tools confusing to use. When rubber meets the road, that’s little help when truckers are left in a bind and sidelined. We believe in traction, not transaction. For efficiency that pays back when and where you need it to, Truckerbux is how to move your fleet forward.

3 Steps to a More Mobile Fleet

1. Think True Value

Value isn’t created by flashy features. With the competitors, you can save at gas stations and service locations, if you make it there. But that’s no guarantee.

2. Download Truckerbux

The road carries a lot of unknowns, but finding help when you need it shouldn’t be one of them. For fast access to the repairs your trucks need, download the Truckerbux app.

3. Return to the Road

Truckerbux gives peace of mind to truckers, owners, and carriers, alike. Access our broad service network—and get your rig back on the road.

Simple, Convenient Truck Repair and Payments Can Be Yours

Companies like Comdata provide support, but not necessarily when you need it most. In trucking, time is money. You lose out on both with a broken down equipment. Truckerbux offers what the competition can’t: one-stop, convenient solutions when things get critical. Our MO is simplicity, with every feature available in app. That way, you can always know help is on hand. Truckerbux gives carriers, owners, and truckers a network of providers to choose from, easy quote approval, and simple secure payments.

Switch to Truckerbux

No one wants their business to be put on hold. Downtime costs too much and Truckerbux has built the tool to keep the 21st century trucking industry in moving. Download our app to ensure peace of mind, no matter the road ahead.

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Download the TruckerBux app to get back on the road faster.

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