TruckerBux vs. EFS

Why Choose TruckerBux vs. EFS?

Unlike the competition, TruckerBux knows that more goes
into fueling your fleet than just the pump.

You Can’t Count On the Competition

We all know the saying: stuff happens. Although, you may be used to the cruder version. But the point is this: there are tons of risks on the road. And these aren’t just being out of gas. When your rig breaks down, you need an ally that can link you up with a speedy repair job. Not doing so could leave you stranded out on the highway, losing your trucking company both time and money. An EFS fuel card might lose its appeal in those critical moments.

We Keep You Moving

Support On The Go

At TruckerBux, truck servicing enters the 21st century. Fuel cards may work for the competition, but here we streamline trucking solutions completely to your devices. Our app offers convenient, comprehensive support.

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A Vast Network

With us, your worries of being stuck or stranded with a broken down truck all but disappear. An impressive network of service providers lies right at your fingertips. We’ve scrapped fuel rewards for real results.

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Fast Repairs

No trucker likes being sidelined on the road’s shoulder—or on the job. TruckerBux’s broad service provider network speeds up repair time, fixing your rig faster so you can get back to it.

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Here’s the Difference

Competitors like EFS focus on what’s easy. Everyone likes to save on gas, for sure, but that doesn’t help much when you or one of your truckers is in a real bind. Any savings earned quickly gets erased when a rig malfunctions. Not only does the truck itself move to a standstill: so does your delivery time. That totals up in costs. Luckily, the way forward is through TruckerBux.

Forward Your Fleet

1. Assess Your Fleet’s Value

We get it—saving’s the name of the game. But value comes from more than just fuel rewards. Look at your fleet’s total value, and see where true money and time spenders are.

2. Take Stock of Needs

While assessing value, take a look at your needs. Are all your needs satisfied by other competitors? If not, it might be time to find a 21st century solution that suits you, your trucking company, and your truckers.

3. Get TruckerBux

If value and needs aren’t coming into alignment with the other guys, move forward with TruckerBux. Connect with us, download the app, and repair your rig without delay.

When Competition Doesn’t Cut It

On the road, stuff happens. If a trucker isn’t well-equipped to get their truck up and fixed, their route and more will suffer. Don’t let a rig breaking down bite into precious delivery time, as well as your bottom line. Get the repairs you need and get back on schedule with TruckerBux. We provide a simple, fast, reliable, and accessible way to service for truckers—completely on-demand. Our app is virtually always on hand—with someone that can handle your truck servicing within reach.

Get Apped Up

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: TruckerBux solves what EFS simply can’t.
If you’re looking for more than just fuel rewards, we’re the company for you. Seek
meaningful solutions that keep you well-served on the road with TruckerBux.
Download our app to get your big rig back where it belongs—on the road.

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