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Why Use Truckerbux?

When a semi truck driver experiences an engine malfunction or breakdown on the road, the process of finding a reliable repair service can be complicated. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to get a commercial truck back on the road—the truck driver has to go through a request process, wait on a middleman to coordinate the repair with a service provider, and navigate the process of paying for the service. All of this results in a lot of lost time on the road, which just isn’t acceptable.

  • Simple

    Payments made quickly and easily.
  • Fast

    We’ll get you back on the road in no time.
  • Accessible

    Instant access to a wide network of repair shops.
  • Hassle Free

    No phone calls, delays or paper checks.


Truckerbux eliminates the necessity of a middleman, instead allowing the truck driver to handle everything through an easy-to-use semi truck repair service provider app. Instead of calling a dispatcher to handle the logistics of a heavy duty repair, the driver simply opens the Truckerbux app, locates nearby service providers, and connects the truck driver to the repair shop. Everything is contained in the app—including secure payments and payment approval—so that the service repair provider can get paid quickly and the truck driver can get back on the road fast. It costs nothing to use the app as a driver or a service provider, so there’s no risk. That’s peace of mind for the trucking industry and service providers alike. That’s Truckerbux.

For Carriers

Keep your team moving with a network of service providers, easy quotes and repairs and a simple, secure payment system.

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For Owner/Operators

Get your rig back on the road faster with the Truckerbux network of service providers and easy quotes and repairs.

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For Service Providers

With Truckerbux, customers come to you. Get your quotes approved faster and process payments quickly and securely with the Truckerbux app.

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