Employee Spotlight: Wesley Dunn, CEO

Our Employee Spotlight features the talented individuals behind TruckerBux.  Last fall, TruckerBux brought on industry veteran, Wesley Dunn, as their chief executive officer. With over 12 years of experience in the trucking industry, Wesley brought scaling experience to the leadership position. In this blog, you’ll learn about his role and career in the industry, and…

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Mechanic performing a repair

3 Ways to Drive More Business to Your Diesel Repair Shop

Every business in every industry faces the same challenge: finding enough customers willing to pay for a product or service to sustain their business. In most cases, the tactics, while difficult, are pretty straight forward; most companies and industries can clearly define a customer and know where to find that customer.  Trucking is a little…

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Introducing TruckerBux

A faster, simpler way to get repaired and pay for the people who keep our world moving.  For truckers, a breakdown is a problem that impacts multiple businesses and even more lives. Unlike most people on the road, a trucker is hauling cargo and when that cargo fails to arrive on time, there are big…

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