Introducing TruckerBux

A faster, simpler way to get repaired and pay for the people who keep our world moving. 

For truckers, a breakdown is a problem that impacts multiple businesses and even more lives. Unlike most people on the road, a trucker is hauling cargo and when that cargo fails to arrive on time, there are big negative implications. From you waiting for your latest Amazon order, to hospitals waiting for critical supplies in the midst of a pandemic, the negative implications for late deliveries can be costly 

However, for truckers, there exist multiple barriers to getting back on the road. From locating service providers, to the logistics of repairs, and even processing payments, the process is exponentially more complicated for truckers than for your average joe. 

We created TruckerBux to solve these burning problems for our customers in the logistics industry. Our system focuses on three main areas: 

  1. Locating service providers in the event of a breakdown. 
  2. Negotiating repairs and pricing within the app. 
  3. Processing payments quickly and securely for both truckers and service providers. 

Find a Service Provider

TruckerBux has built a comprehensive network of service providers that specialize in working on big rigs. 

From towing to tires, drive trains to brakes, TruckerBux partners with a service provider that can help you get back on the road fast and with as little friction as possible.

Negotiate Repairs and Pricing

It’s hard to know what a job will cost, but TruckerBux helps remove some of this uncertainty by allowing you to list your equipment details (VIN, make, model, year), list a specific problem before requesting a quote, and even include images to help service providers submit quotes for repairs more accurately. 

And if the job is more or less complicated to complete, Service Providers or their Technicians can re-quote the job as needed within the app, in real time, to get you moving again as quickly as possible. 

Process Payments Quickly and Securely

Payments in the trucking industry are a huge pain. So huge that this problem was actually the thing that started us down the path of creating TruckerBux in the first place. 

TruckerBux replaces arcane, expensive escrow accounts, complicated transaction numbers, searching for paper checks, trips to the bank, and support phone calls when something inevitably goes wrong, with a quick, secure payment system powered by Stripe and backed by its world class machine learning fraud prevention. 

What’s more, you can pay using a company credit card or bank account and our transparent fees reflect the difference between the two; it costs us less to process an ACH payment, so it costs you less, too. 

Making Trucking Better for Everyone

Our founders have more than 25 years of experience in logistics and they believe in making the process of dealing with a big pain as painless as possible. 

From finding a service provider to processing payments, we believe that taking the pain out of breakdowns makes the world a better place for everyone and helps your bottom line, too. TruckerBux gives Owner Operators, Carriers, and Service Providers a comprehensive yet simple tool to handle breakdowns from start to finish. 

We’re currently accepting requests to use TruckerBux from Service Providers, Owner Operators, and Carrier organizations. Click the link below to fill out a super quick form (≤ 60 seconds) and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

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