For Carriers

For Carriers

TruckerBux gives you everything you need to manage and pay for repairs when your team members are stranded on the road.

Why TruckerBux

The usual process for getting a broken-down truck repaired is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful, and it takes way too long. As a truck carrier, the last thing you want is a driver stranded on the road, because when that happens, you’re losing money—plain and simple. TruckerBux has a better way. Our semi-truck carrier service provider app allows your driver to handle the entire repair process from start to finish without the need for a middle man or dispatcher. That means the ability to find service providers, manage repair jobs, get payment approval, and send secure payments without the usual hassle. Less hassle means getting back on the road faster—and that’s a win for everyone involved. 


With TruckerBux, you can add your entire team to the app and manage permissions for things like quote and payment approval so that the right people can handle the right things. You can also securely add and store payment methods, including bank accounts and credit cards, so that every repair job can be paid on the spot without ever having to leave the app. You can even add your company’s equipment to track service histories so you know which trucks have been repaired, when the repair took place, and what exactly was done.

  • Add Your Team

    Add team members and manage permissions for tasks like quote and payment approval.
  • Add Payment Methods

    Securely add and store payment methods including bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Add Equipment

    Add your company’s equipment to track service histories.
  • Manage Jobs

    Manage jobs in the app by approving or rejecting quotes, cancelling jobs and confirming job completion.
  • Secure Payments

    Submit payments securely and view and export transaction history.

For fast approval on repair quotes for your drivers, there’s nothing better than TruckerBux: You can view quotes in the app and then either approve or reject them immediately without your driver having to wait around for a dispatcher to call them back. In short, keeping your drivers on the road has never been easier than it is when you use our heavy-duty roadside assistance app to streamline and simplify your operations—and there’s no cost to join the app as either a driver or service provider. Request access today and see how TruckerBux can help your truck carrier business stay on the road.

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