About TruckerBux

About TruckerBux

TruckerBux was designed for the trucking industry by trucking industry veterans.

Our History

TruckerBux was designed for the trucking industry by trucking industry veterans. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in trucking, which means we know a thing or two about what matters to commercial truck drivers and the repair shops that serve them. As other industries began to use technology to become more efficient, the TruckerBux team realized the same couldn’t be said of the trucking industry. The way trucking companies handled transactions on the road was difficult, dated, and time-consuming—resulting in a tiresome process for carriers, owner-operators, and service providers.

A roadside breakdown was almost the worst thing that could happen to a driver because it meant time spent searching for a service provider, dealing with a middleman for repair approvals, figuring out how to send payment, and generally wasting a lot of time. And as we all know, time is the greatest commodity for anyone who drives a heavy duty truck.

Our Solution

TruckerBux was developed to solve all of these problems. With our semi truck service repair provider app, truck drivers aren’t left to navigate an overly complicated process just to get back on the road again. Instead of calling a dispatcher to find out where the nearest repair shop is, drivers can simply open the TruckerBux app and locate a service provider with ease. Once the job is done, they can send a quick, safe payment through the app and get back to work fast. You don’t mess around with your business, and you shouldn’t have to mess around with clunky payment methods or slow approvals. TruckerBux streamlines every repair job from start to finish, both for the driver and the service provider.

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