For Service Providers

For Service Providers

You have better things to do than spend your money on expensive advertising and haggling with credit card companies over chargebacks and fraud. With TruckerBux, you can get more customers, speed up operations and protect yourself from fraudulent chargebacks.

Why TruckerBux

With TruckerBux, you can get repair requests delivered directly to your phone from stranded truckers and submit quotes quickly and easily. You can also add your technicians to the app and assign them jobs in real time so there aren’t any surprises about who’s doing work for which clients. And when it comes time to get paid for the work, you can process secure payments quickly and easily right in the app, too—no middleman required. For added peace of mind, all your transaction history is quickly accessible, too; you can view and export all your repair records for accounting or other purposes. Instead of sifting through phone numbers, credit cards, and maps trying to keep your business running, turn to TruckerBux and streamline your entire process from start to finish. Get started today by requesting access to the app, and see how TruckerBux can connect you with more heavy duty trucks in need of repairs.

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Heavy Duty & Semi Truck Service Repair Providers

As a heavy duty/semi truck service repair provider, you have better things to do than haggle with credit card companies over chargebacks and fraud. And while you need to get your name out there, spending a bunch of money on expensive advertising isn’t exactly the most cost-effective way to bring in new business—but you may feel like you don’t have another option. There’s no way to prevent someone from scamming you if they’re determined to do so, and if you don’t put your name out there, you won’t get any business. All of these things used to be true—until now. With TruckerBux, your biggest business challenges can easily be solved. From getting more customers to speeding up operations and protecting yourself from fraudulent chargebacks, TruckerBux gives you everything you need in one convenient app.


  • Get Repair Requests, Fast

    With TruckerBux, repair requests are delivered directly to you.
  • Quick Quote Submission

    Submit quotes fast and easily within the app.
  • Add Technicians

    Add your technicians to the app and assign them to jobs in real time.
  • Secure Payments

    Process payments and refunds quickly and securely.
  • Transaction History

    View and export transaction history for your accounting needs.

Instead of sifting through phone numbers, credit cards and maps, start using TruckerBux where it’s all in one place. Request access by clicking below.

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